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Pre-wall technology

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The cistern

The new Prevista cistern forms the basis of our new pre-wall applications – whether you are planning a bathroom based on dry or wet construction techniques. It is the same in all Prevista WC elements. The filling and drain valves, and its actuation mechanism, are identical in every application. The cistern is available in two variants: 3H and 3L.

  • Water connection

    The flexible water connection can be made by a newly developed adapter with an internal seal, permitting connection to any piping system in a matter of seconds.

  • Blow moulding

    The new cistern is blown into the mould from an extruded plastic tube. The result is maximum fit tightness and reliable long-term quality.

  • Filling valve

    The filling valve can be installed and removed without the use of tools, and ensures rapid refilling for subsequent flushing.

  • Flushing throttle

    It enables the optimum flush flow to be set for all ceramics by means of an adjuster ring with five settings.

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Custom design

The available design options are many and varied, because the cistern is compatible with all Visign flush plates. That means tailored recommendations can be made for any installation scenario to create custom designs.

Made in Germany

The cistern is made in Germany. Sustainable production and durability are assured. And every cistern is checked for leak-tightness and flawless functionality prior to being shipped – for maximum safety and quality.

Self-explanatory installation

All components that are moveable and can be installed manually are coloured yellow. The benefits of the new operating concept are demonstrated particularly clearly by the new drain valve. Take a look at the picture gallery too.

Unmatched flush volume flexibility

The cistern's full flush volume ranges from 3.5 to 7.5 litres; its partial flush volume from 2 to 4 litres. Custom settings are easily made, in 0.5 litre increments.

The applications

We have greatly simplified our portfolio. There are three pre-wall applications. For dry constructions we offer Prevista Dry for in-wall and support profile installation as well as Prevista Dry Plus for rail mounting. For wet constructions we offer Prevista Pure. All systems feature the same cistern. This means you can assemble and install your pre-wall system in super-quick time.

Dry construction

Our new Prevista Dry pre-wall application for in-wall and support profile installation is a great aid to dry construction projects thanks to its wide range of innovative functions. It is robust in finish, so assuring maximum reliability.

Prevista Dry

Prevista Dry Plus also allows more unusual wishes to be met. The rail system provides for a high degree of design freedom while also being quick to install.

Quick and easy installation

After the preparatory work, such as drilling the holes, Prevista Dry can be installed using just three tools: a folding rule, a spirit level and a size 13 spanner. As in the case of the cistern, all components that can be installed without the use of tools are coloured yellow. And Prevista Dry is extremely easy to mount on a wall: Solutions such as the wall bracket additionally save time thanks to their flexibility.

Intelligent quick-release clamps

Height-adjustment of water connections and urinal and washbasin drains used to be very time-consuming. The new quick-release clamps have revolutionised the procedure, and offer high levels of stability matching any screw-fit connection.

Functions for more customer comfort

A key concern in future will be age-appropriate bathroom design. Viega Prevista has established the preconditions to meet those needs by making its installations height-adjustable as standard, as well as offering the facility to install shower WCs of any widely-used make.

Custom installation on rails

The Prevista Dry pre-wall system can be expanded with a rail and connectors to create Prevista Dry Plus – a system that sets the benchmark in terms of individuality and ease of installation.

Configurator Prevista Dry Plus

Prevista Dry Plus

Prevista Dry Plus also allows more unusual wishes to be met. The rail system provides for a high degree of design freedom while also being quick to install.

Quick rail mounting

Rail mounting is just as easy as wall mounting: Just slot the newly developed base into the rail, lock it in place, and you're done. After aligning it and attaching it by the two connectors to the upper rail, all that is then necessary is to fit the water connections. The installation film details how to install Prevista Dry Plus.

Custom design options

The most elegant form of cladding for Prevista Dry Plus is provided by MuroLive! multi-layer composite panels from Murodesign. Their wide range of designs and simple clip technique offer a creative and quick way to style any bathroom – not only for new or refurbished private bathrooms, but also for bathrooms in hotels and hospitals.

The online tool

The Viega Prevista online tool calculates the material requirements and generates the bill of materials precisely in line with the installation dimensions. It also outputs matching installation drawings and specification documents.

Wet construction

State-of-the-art pre-wall technology combined with tried and proven methods: With Prevista Pure and the new cistern, custom, high-grade, durable wet construction installations can be created.

Prevista Pure

"Pure" is a byword for wet construction techniques on the international market. Accordingly, our Prevista Pure pre-wall blocks are tailored to wet construction requirements. They are highly flexible for use in individual installation projects. Blocks are available for WCs, urinals, washbasins and bidets, each in two height variants: 820 mm and 1070 mm.

Fully pre-assembled

To make it easier for you, the interior fittings with the Prevista cistern come fully pre-assembled, and permit operation from the front. The 820 mm variant can also be easily operated from above. The flexible height adjustment additionally enhances variability in installation.

Sound-proofing included

Noise when flushing a toilet should be avoided as far as possible, and Prevista Pure features a sound-insulated housing to ensure it works quietly.